We are a family owned and operated flagstone mining operation in Chino Valley Arizona.

Over 20 years ago we began quarrying and supplying quality flagstone to hundreds of stone dealers in all parts of the United States. Today those dealers are still our primary focus. We strive to offer the best customer service as well as trying to keep sufficient inventories on hand at all times.

We have been successful in maintaining our customer base over the years by staying loyal and protecting our customers' business. We would be glad to refer any contractor or homeowner to a distributor in your area. Note: From our retail yard in Chino Valley we offer direct sales to local Arizona Contractors and Homeowners.

Cornerstone Materials LLC is a new company name with over 20 years experience in quarrying, fabricating and distributing Arizona Sandstone. Don Blaser (previous owner of American Sandstone for nearly 20 years) purchased his largest quarry back and hired all his previous employees back after the company he sold it to, was closing it down after only 4 years. We are once again a family owned and operated business, managed by Mike and Tammy Stazenski (Don Blaser’s Daughter and Son-in-law) under Don’s ownership and guidance.

Please read “Our Story” for a full History…