Sandstone Patio

Full Thickness Veneer

Surface Stone Boulders
and River Rock

Cut Stone

Large Hearth and
Mantel Slabs

Natural Stone Pavers

Tumbled Patio and Cobble

Quarry Sandstone Select

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Select stone flagging is palletized vertically for sorts of 2 1/4” or thinner.
This helps reduce breakage during shipment and makes it easier to select pieces during installation.

Pieces range approximately 4 – 12 square ft in size.

Standard thickness sorts:
Thin - 1 ¼” minus
Regular - 1 ¾” minus
Two Inch - 2 ¼” minus
Thicker select stone (2 ¼” plus) is palletized laying flat.

Conforms to ASTM C 616- 85 Sandstone Building Stone as Listed below:
Resistance to abrasion averages 11.
Conforms to Type II Quartzitic Sandstone: With the exception that the specific gravity is about 140 lbs per cubic foot.

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Sandstone Select Patio  Sandstone Select Patio
Sandstone Select  Sandstone Select Yard
Sandstone Select Fire Pit

Additional colors on availability.
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Black Cherry Sandstone
Sandstone Select Buckskin
Sandstone Select Buckskin Light
Sandstone Select Classic Oak
Sandstone Select Grand Canyon

Black Cherry


Light Buckskin

Classic Oak

Grand Canyon

Sandstone Select Hualapai Chocolate

Sandstone Select Moss

Sandstone Select Sedona Red

Sandstone Select Tequila Sunrise

Hualapai Chocolate


Sedona Red

Tequila Sunrise