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Sandstone Patio

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Surface Stone Boulders
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Cut Stone

Large Hearth and
Mantel Slabs

Natural Stone Pavers

Tumbled Patio and Cobble


Mother Nature has a unique way of giving natural stone its beautiful color. We do our best to sort our select stone to a specific color range. However, it can be a challenge to keep the colors within a particular range due to the natural color variations that always occur.

Our color samples are only an approximate representation of the color. There are noticeable color changes within each slab of stone that we pull from the earth, so there will always be a range of color shades within each separate color. But that is what gives natural stone its unique beauty.      

Black Cherry: Deep Rosa color with dark spotting

Buckskin: Brown to Tan. Sometimes Yellowish

Buckskin Light: Same as Buckskin except very light in color

Classic Oak: Tan to Crème color

Gold Buckskin: Golden Brown to Yellowish color

Grand Canyon: Rosa colored with light to Dark Purple throughout

Hualapai Chocolate: Brown to Dark brown sometimes with Greenish highlights

Moss: Weathered Surface stone, Dark Brown to Reddish with moss

Midnight: Charcoal Gray to dark black

Pueblo: Buckskin with some Rosa accents

Peach: Buckskin and Rosa Blend, but very light in color

Rosa: Rose pink color

Sedona Red: Deep Red color

Sunburst: Rosa with some Buckskin accents

Tequila Sunrise: Brown or Tan color with Rosa and Black highlights