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We inventory a variety of large slabs. Sizes range from approximately 4’ x 4’ up to 8’ x 10’. We sell these random size slabs by approximate size, thickness and color. We have fabricated up to an 8’ x 10’ slab. However, a 6’ x 8’ slab is considered very large. It generally requires a slab much larger than the finished dimension due to uneven edges and fractures at the edge of the slab that can occur

Conforms to ASTM C 616- 85 Sandstone Building Stone as Listed below:
Resistance to abrasion averages 11.
Conforms to Type II Quartzitic Sandstone: With the exception that the specific gravity is about 140 lbs per cubic foot.

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Large Hearth and Mantel Slabs Large Hearth and Mantel Slabs
Large Hearth and Mantel Slabs

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