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Moss Surface Stone:
Moss surface stone is harvested from the surface of our quarries. Its natural beauty comes from hundreds of years of weathering from natures elements. It’s usually a dark brown to reddish color with occasional lichen deposits. Lichen’s are a mossy type growth on the stone, therefore being named Moss Rock”. Lichen growth is very dependent on climate and the location of the stone in the quarry, so not every stone will have lichens present.

River Rock:
River Rock or Water Washed stone is harvested from dry creek beds and washes. Like Moss stone, it gets its dark color from hundreds of years of natural weathering. However, it is a little more rounded than moss stone due to the tumbling caused by natural water runoff and usually no lichens are present.


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River Rock Full Thickness  Moss Stone Patio  

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Surface Stone Moss
Surface Stone River Rock


River Rock