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Natural Stone Veneers

Why use our Natural Stone Veneer?
Our natural stone is already a million years old, so lasting a lifetime is a walk in the park!

Protect your Investment:
Imitation stone companies have been replicating natural stone for years. Even though it may look realistic at first or even for several years, the reality is it won’t forever. We quarry and fabricate 100% natural stone veneer. If it gets chipped, that’s okay, it is still stone underneath. A slight color change may occur with natural stone, especially outdoors. But that’s okay too, because just like fine wine, as stone natural ages it usually looks better with time.

Easy and Affordable:
Natural stone has always had the reputation for being costly and difficult to install. We solve those problems for you by fabricating our Natural Stone Thin Veneer flats and corners to meet all UBC maximum weight restrictions so you can avoid having to pour footings or mechanically anchor to the building. Simply use lathe and thin set just like the imitation. In some instances it can even be adhered using a strong construction adhesive. With our many years of fabrication experience we have developed cutting methods to reduce production costs so that you can afford to use our natural stone for nearly the same cost or even less than imitation.

You can’t afford not to:
In the old days, stone was used more out of convenience. But today, we are realizing that stone can extremely add to the aesthetics of your home or business, thus adding value to your investment. So whether you are building your dream home to live in for the rest of your life or if you plan on selling in a few years, you want to make sure that your home looks the best it possibly can. Natural stone will give you that reassurance. The authentic beauty and durability of natural stone cannot be duplicated.

Some of our specialties include:
stone walls• stone patios • stone steps • stone chimneys • landscaping stone
water features • fireplaces • walkways • driveways • entryways • BBQ's

Visit our full service Stone and Masonry Facility for:
specialty rock • boulders • steppers • treads • pavers • pattern stock • slabs flagging • ledge stone • ashlars • rubble • dimensional stone • hearths • mantels wall caps • stair treads • pool coping • dry stack stone • random stone